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The McMiller Chronicles finished

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My new quest mod for Skyrim, The McMliller Chronicles, is finally done. It has been a lot of work piecing this baby together. By tradition, the mod features fully voiced characters.

This time around I had some help from my British friend DeanCutty, who did an outstanding job voicing Ulf the Nightwatch’ character. Thumbs up for you, Dean!

Check out the description of the mod at my Skyrim Mods page. The McMiller Chronicles is available for free on Skyrim Nexus, and through the Steam Workshop.

Please remember to endorse and give the mod a thumbs up, to help bringing my work out to as many players as possible. And to encourage me to keep making new mods, of course!

Check out the trailer below.

Written by Merte

August 4th, 2012 at 7:38 am

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